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Concept for Development of the Northern Twin Road of Kutuzovskiy Avenue
2015–2017. Moscow, Russia
The purpose of the project is to determine the possibility and feasibility of placing commercial real estate in a single complex with the northern underpass of Kutuzovsky Avenue for its integration into the urban environment, improving its quality by creating transportation and interchange hubs and integrated development of urban infrastructure.

The study resulted in the identification of three territories (including several plots each) with the potential to accommodate commercial facilities in close proximity to the SDCP. Territory No. 1 - in the vicinity of Slavyansky Boulevard metro station, Territory No. 2 - in the vicinity of Fili metro station, Territory No. 3 - in the vicinity of Rabochy Poselok platform of the Moscow Railway. The concept provides for the construction of under- and overground structures, as well as partial covering of the right-of-way of the main course of the SDKP to organize TIU and commercial facilities directly above the main line.
marketing research
railroad connection
Railroad tracks and high-speed highways create negative factors hindering the development of adjacent territories, multiply reducing the quality of the urban environment
Investor's proposals to improve the urban environment, minimizing the negative impact of the railroad and the new SDKP road on the life of the city and allowing to implement earlier decisions on the creation of 3 TPS (Moscow Government Resolution No. 413-PP of September 6, 2011)
master plan
rationale behind construction site choice
Slavyansky Bulvar transport hub. section
Fili transport hub. section
Fili transport hub. view from Fili metro station
Rabochy Posyolok transport hub. section
Fili transport hub. view from Fili metro station
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