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Архитектурное бюро рождественка основано в москве в 1992 году
AB-RDNK LLC, specializing in reconstruction and adaptation of historical buildings for modern use, was organized in 1992 by architect Narine Tyutcheva.

Over the past 31 years, more than 155 projects of various purposes and scales have been completed: from private residential and public interiors to multifunctional complexes. In addition, the Bureau's activities are centered on large research and urban planning projects, landscaping projects and the creation of public spaces.

Realization of the problems of the urban environment, violation of its cultural, historical, architectural integrity and continuity, prompted architects to search for architectural solutions capable of restoring the lost links between the past and the future. As a result, a unique method of working with historical context was developed.

The work of the office is largely devoted to abandoned areas in need of renovation, which need to be revitalized. The architects' task in this case is to create a process of successful and efficient utilization of the past. Ruins, remnants of the industrial revolution, structures that have lost their original purpose, after a long path of renovation, receive new use and public recognition. They become new generators of urban activity.
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The company's headcount is 22 people.
Membership in a self-regulatory organization (SRO) and License of the Ministry of Culture:
  • Guild of Architects and Designers SRO No. CPO-П-002-22 042 009
  • Association in the field of engineering surveys
«Self-regulatory organization «League of Surveyors» СРО-И-013−25 122 009
  • License No. ICRF 1 749 dated 03.06.2014
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