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Territory of Trekhgornaya Manufactory Partnership
2014. Moscow, Russia
The factory is a historical industrial facility, typical for a megapolis, the territory of which has been excluded from urban and public use for more than 100 years. An urban planning concept and projects for the reconstruction and restoration of key factory buildings were developed. It was important to create a system, a hierarchy of public spaces within the territory, which resulted in three large squares connected by a pedestrian boulevard. Considering the need to create a multifunctional urban environment instead of a production, existing structures were intensified by reconstruction, dissonant buildings of the late of the 20th century were removed, their sites were regenerated, new buildings were proposed in accordance with the historical morphotype. To include the factory in the system of embankments of the Moskva River, the power station building overlooking the river was designed to turn into an Avant-garde Museum.
view from Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment
view from the manufactory
view from the street
existing structures
assessment of the cultural value of the existing structures
demolished structures
preserved structures
lost historical structures
territory regeneration proposal
weaving house (building 8). attic floor plan
70 m2 apartments
144,5 m2 apartments
bleaching house (building 10). facades
bleaching house (building 10). typical floor plan
bleaching house (building 10). section
warehouse (building 24). section
warehouse (building 24). facades
warehouse (building 24). ground floor plan
printing house (building 29). facades
printing house (building 29). ground floor plan
weaving house (building 8). facades
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