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Start Living in Suzdal
2016–2017. Suzdal, Russia
master plan
Start Living in Suzdal is a vision o f the city’s potential development, of what it could become by the time of its 1000th anniversary celebration in the year 2024. The development should be based on the city’s historical and cultural context, its unique atmosphere, on asserting and providing insight into the phenomenon of a “Russian city”. The project identified an asset that the city already possesses — areas with untapped potential or now abandoned, as well as those areas that are vacated due to the implementation of current federal and municipal programs. Reconstruction and redevelopment of these
sites will create additional points of growth and attraction in the city, allowing to implement new walking routes and reveal hidden cultural patterns of Suzdal. Moreover, it will contribute to the development of social and transport infrastructure, the emergence of educational and medical facilities, and the creation of new jobs.
Sustainable development of Suzdal and improvement of the quality of the urban environment is possible with the implementation of a comprehensive strategy covering all spheres of urban life. The development strategy should follow the interests of both local residents and tourists. In addition, it should contribute to filling the city budget, thanks to the activation of interaction with all types of businesses and new cultural programming of Suzdal.
scheme of identified territorial and cultural resources
scheme of new hiking routes
"An old Russian city is a kind of time machine: the less visible modernity it has, the more authentic, not invented antiquity it has, the more it fulfills its purpose. The benefits of progress should mimic, not be conspicuous and the more fundamental changes in the landscape". (с)
territory №1 tourist hub
tourist hub before
tourist hub after
Territory No.1 - tourist hub (reconstruction of the historical baths building, regeneration of the abandoned territory of the Suzdal Restoration CJSC workshops and creation of a tourist hub on it)

area of the plot: 22 500 m2
area of buildings: 10 500 m2
territory №4 culture development center
Territory No.4 - center of cultural development (reconstruction of buildings of educational workshops of Suzdal college and creation of a center of cultural development, construction of a new pedestrian bridge to Ilyinsky meadow and construction of a pedestrian route along the ramparts).

plot area: 34 070 m2
building area: 3 200 m2
culture development center before
culture development center after
territory №6 hostel and architectural faculty of the Vladimir State University
Territory №6 - hostel and architectural faculty of VLGU (reconstruction of the building of the hotel "Molodezhnaya" and creation of a municipal hotel and tourist information center in it, reconstruction of the territory of secondary school № 2 and adaptation of buildings for architectural institute, hostel and municipal hostel, reconstruction of Lenina Street)

plot area: 21 500 m2
building area: 8 250 m2
hostel and architectural faculty of the Vladimir State University before
hostel and architectural faculty of the Vladimir State University after
territory №7 green co-working
Territory No.7 - "Green Co-Working" (redevelopment of the abandoned production area of the Research Institute of Agriculture and creation of the creative industry center "Green Co-Working")

plot area: 184 800 m2
building area: 46 500 m2
green co-working before
green co-working after
house by the river. starting point of walking routes around Suzdal
House by the river - existing object (not used, reconstruction for info center with cafe and rental of bicycles, skis, renting).
bridge-house. the 1000th anniversary headquarters
Bridge House - existing object, architectural monument of local importance (not used, reconstruction for the headquarters of the 1000th anniversary, restaurant and bridge between the Kremlin Shaft and the lower way).
scheme of restoration of the historical architectural and natural environment
Two monuments of town-planning and architecture of federal significance "Resurrection Church of 1720" and "Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God of 1739" are located on the shopping square. Improvement of the public garden will allow to restore the historical surroundings of the two federal monuments and create a comfortable environment near them.
Zaryadye offers an iconic view of the city, it is a favorite place for citizens and tourists. Improvement of the territory behind the rows will enhance the image of Suzdal and reveal the potential of the western part of th e rows - a monument of federal significance.
Ilyinsky Meadow is a fragment of a unique historical and cultural landscape. The restoration of the historic pedestrian bridge to it will open up forgotten anchor views of historic Suzdal, and the creation of a cultural center will further increase the socio-cultural importance of the area among citizens and tourists.
Reconstruction with adaptation of the abandoned house in the ravine, if properly executed, will create a new anchor object in the city. And accommodation of the 1000th anniversary headquarters in it until 2024 will create a precedent of a new approach to such events, attracting the attention of local communities to the history.
The appearance of a landscaped pedestrian path along the historic ramparts and moat will make it possible to reveal this phenomenon and reveal it to everyone in a new way. In addition, it will contribute to the preservation of the historical landscape and minimize the anthropogenic load from the tourist flow.
Reconstruction with adaptation of the abandoned house - an element of the ordinary building of the old town - will become a link on the way to preserving the spirit of Suzdal place and its historical framework, will serve as an example for citizens and owners of similar houses in the city.
Thanks to the appearance of hiking trails and boat rentals, the importance of the Kamenka River in the life of the city will be restored, which is of paramount importance for the restoration of the urban environment of the historic city.
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