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Building Complex of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan
2017. Almaty, Kazakhstan
The project envisages reconstruction and modernization of the building complex in Almaty, which houses the Foundation of the First President. The multifaceted social and cultural programs, actively supported by the Foundation, have been divided into several blocks representing different areas of focus. Thus, there is a design center, a music academy, a film library, a science pavilion, a language and theater center. The Museum of The First President, a multipurpose hall, and the President’s apartment are also placed in separate blocks.
main facade facing M. Gandhi Street
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current state
functional zoning scheme
After analyzing the existing building, its structural design and the surrounding context, it was decided to dismantle all existing non-bearing elements and the dome, leaving the entire structural frame and roof. This avoided the overloaded, disproportionate and heavy image of the existing building. After dismantling, the main element left is the flat roof soaring above the park, which is held up by dozens of thin columns. The dismantling of the dome resulted in a circular hole in the roof.

All of this was seen as a value and resource for the creation of a unique and modern complex of the first president's foundation. All functional blocks are organized around the inner courtyard and raised above the ground. Due to this it was possible to create a "transparent", soaring image of volumes facing nature. The main volume facing the park is the auditorium. Nature will serve as the main backdrop for all events. Due to the well-calibrated layout, the blocks are connected to each other by a single public space, but there is a possibility of their autonomous operation.

This will allow the Foundation to become an important cultural center, a laboratory for the preservation and development of traditions, culture and science of Kazakhstan. In the center of the courtyard, the first person of the state is proposed to plant a tree, which will be an important semantic addition to the entire project.
facade facing city park
view from the park
RE: Shkola