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Adaptive Reuse of the Former Thermal Power Station №7 as a Museum of the Russian Avant-Garde
2013. Moscow, Russia
There is no other place on the Earth where art connoisseurs can enjoy seeing one of the most important components of world culture — an incomparable collection of the Russian Avant-Garde preserved in its entirety. The appearance of such a place could gradually bring together the artifacts, ideas, and aesthetic values generated and manifested by the daring artists of this groundbreaking movement. A complex of abandoned buildings of Thermal Power Station №7 on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment was offered for the future multifunctional museum center dedicated to the Russian Avant-Garde. The ensemble location and parameters are ideal for a museum cluster both from an aesthetic point of view and in the context of its dimensions, spacial characteristics, and heights of the rooms. The main building of the Power Station (the boiler house) is quite suitable for a multipurpose transforming hall, which may be used as a cinema, a temporary exhibition space, and a lecture theatre. The water tower with curtain wall faсades will be ideal for a vertical library, which offers sweeping views of Moscow.
master plan
underground floor plan
ground floor plan
1st floor plan
2nd floor plan
interior of the permanent exhibition
bar interior
lobby interior
library interior
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