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scheme of territories
concept for development of the coastal areas of Nizhny Kaban Lake
365 Days In Pure Gold is a scenario project aimed at asserting the image of Kaban Lakes as an event venue, which would attract investors in and of itself, for their funds to be subsequently applied towards the site’s maintenance, improvement and development. The lake shores shape the image of most of Kazan’s cityscape. They are a recreational zone and a potential place of attraction, being a major natural, cultural and territorial asset — the city’s life takes shape and wells up around them. A rich cultural life is the main prerequisite for the formation of a brand, for a place to become wellknown and popular. This results in new ideas, new technologies, and a new quality of life emerging at the territory.
365 Days in Pure Gold
competition 2015. Kazan, Russia
total area 136.9 ha
scheme of functional zoning
scheme of zones
scheme of bridges
Millennium Park
new square in front of the Anniversary Mosque with access to water and a pier
Kamal Theater Square, Studenchesky Descent
celebration of City Day
RE: Shkola