• 27.11.2013

      Moscow-Minsk M1 toll inauguration

      подробнее об официальном открытии

      подробнее о проекте

    • 23.04.2014

      The publishing house Tatlin published a special issue of the magazine to announce the end of the reconstruction of a house after the RDNK project.

      Tatlin Plan

      Подробнее о проекте

    • 10.09.2014

      According to the results of the XVI International Exhibition "Construction week in Moscow region 2014", the architecture agency RDNK was named laureate for the project of the building in Khimki in the Moscow region.


    • 17.09.2014

      The winner of the new design contest for Sokolniki Park is announced. The second prize is awarded to the SokoLab project of the French-Russian consortium between Debarre Duplantiers Associes (Paris, France), Ingerop (Paris, France), Prostor (Moscow), Fetish Film (Moscow), RDNK


    • 22.09.2014

      The SWA + RDNK consortium became the finalist of the Moscow-river competition


    • 15.05.2015 [ожидает перевода]

      Завтра в МУАРЕ пройдет лекция "Выход в город" Методология решения транспортно-пересадочных узлов у­ станций метрополитена / Флигель «Руина», Лекторий 20:00-21:00 Докладчики: Роман Ковенский, Михаил Разумовский


    • 05.03.2015

      The RDNK architecture agency was selected from among the 10 finalists of the first stage of the competition / open contest for the development of public spaces Kristall. The assembly point /


    • The Moscow River

      In this informative film, we talked about what should be water transport in Moscow.


    • riverlane

      RIVELIN is a new technology of hybrid light-rail public transport going down the river. The concept of transport and infrastructure RIVERLAWN was presented to AB "Rozhdestvenka" at the International Summit of Public Transport - UITP2015 in Milan and received from the world community in the field of public transport professional opinion and technical solution options.

      watch the video